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Inspection Information

What  is  a  wind  mitigation?

As  a  homeowner  with  windstorm  insurance,  state  law  entitles  you  to   certain  premium  reductions, but  without  an  inspection, you  can’t  get  them!   If  you  haven’t  had  a  windstorm insurance inspection  at  your  current  home,   you  are  PROBABLY PAYING TOO  MUCH  FOR  YOUR  WINDSTORM   INSURANCE!   During  a  wind  mitigation  inspection,  a  certified  inspector reports on the key   features that  may  decrease  the  amount  of  damage  your  home  suffers   during  a  hurricane or strong windstorm.  These features  fall  into  several   categories,  such  as  exterior  construction type, roof shape  and  construction   methods,  age  of  roof covering,  door  and  window  opening  protection  as   well  as  the  actual  year  the  home  was  built. Another  factor  may  be  the elevation  of a property and  how  it  relates  to  wind  speed.

What  is  a  four  point  inspection?

A four  point  home  inspection  generally  includes  but  is  not  limited  to  a   skilled  inspection  of the  roof,  the  electrical  system, plumbing  system  and   the  heating,  ventilation  and  air conditioning (HVAC)  system.  The  different   systems  on  your  home have  a  varying  but  somewhat  predictable  life span.   Most  of  the  information  gathered  for  a  four  point  inspection  pertains  to just   that. However,  the  information  is  not  limited  to  the  life  expectancy  of  the   systems.  Also,  considered are  issues  such as  type  of  wiring  used  in  the   home  and  even  the  manufacturers  of  the equipment.  We  also  look  for   signs  of  equipment or  system  failures.  Our  report  will  help  the homeowner   know  what  areas  need  to  be  rectified  in  order  to  gain  the coverage they   need.

What  a  four  point  inspection  is  not!

A  four  point  home  inspection  is  not  a  pre-­purchase/pre-­sale  home   inspection,  which  is  much  more comprehensive  in nature. The  four  point   home  inspection  only  satisfies  insurance  carrier requirements  of  particular   home  systems  and  lacks  the necessary  information  for  you  to  make  an   informed  decision  in  buying  a  home  or  its  condition  for  selling.     It  also  is  not a guarantee that  the  insurance  carrier  will  qualify  you,  that  the   home  is  insurable,  that  the  carrier  will require  no  other certifications  or   inspections,  or  that  you  won’t  be  required  to  have  work performed  after  the   home  inspection.

What  is  a  roof  certification?

A  Roof  Certification  Inspection  is  usually  done  at  the  request  of  the   insurance  carrier.  They  will  typically  request  it  due  to the  information  they   have  on  file  is  indicating  that  the  roof  covering  is  approaching  the  end  of  it’s     expected  life.  The inspection  is  used  to  document  the  most  recent  dated  of   complete  replacement.  Therefore,  it  is  extremely  important  for  the homeowner  to  have  a  copy  of  the  permit  and/or  contract  of  the  most  recent   work  completed.    If  no  documents  of  a recent  re-­roof  are  available,  the   inspector  will  estimate  the  useful  life  remaining.

What  is  opening  protection?

Opening protection  on  your  Florida  homeowner’s  policy  is  the  level  of  wind-­ resistant  features  built  into  the  structure  of  your home. It refers  to  steps   you’ve  taken  to  upgrade  all  openings  to  your  home  -­-­  your  home’s  entry   doors,  garage  doors, windows, and  skylights  -­-­  with  wind-­resistant  features   that  are  verified  to  meet  Florida  Building  Code  requirements.  Most   homeowners  protect  their  window  openings,  but  some  forget  about  other   openings,  such  as  the  garage  door.

All  Florida insurance  companies  offer  discounts  to  property  owners  who   protect  their  home  against  damage  caused  by strong  winds. Your  home   mitigation  verification  inspection  will  determine  if  you  can  receive  these   discounts.  Passing  the opening protection  portion  of  the  inspection  is  a   critical  factor  for  receiving  discounts.  Inspectors  will  be  looking  for  items   such  as hurricane  shutters,  reinforced  garage  doors,  and  fully  protected   impact  resistant  coverings  capable  of  withstanding wind debris.  The  quality   of  the  protection  devices  installed  will  also  be  a  factor  in  the  inspection.  To qualify  for  the discounts,  all openings  must  be  protected  with  hurricane   rated  impact-­resistant  protection.  Proper  opening  protection  can also increase the  resale  value  of  your  home,  providing  you  more  value  for  the   future.


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